Friday, September 22, 2017

Acrolink Mexcel 7N-PC-6700 and 7N-PC9700 Mexcel Power Cords

Acrolink's new Mexcel range of power cords just landed in Singapore. Is it time to break the piggy bank ?

Here is a sneak preview of things to come.

To be continued ...

Acrolink 7N-PC4030 Anniversario

Here is a special edition of the ever popular Acrolink 7N-4030 power cable. The Anniversario is available both in factory terminated version and off-the-reel. The Anniversario uses larger copper strands (but less strands). The previous version uses 100 strands of 0.26 mm diameter copper, while the Anniversario uses 50 strands of 0.37 mm diameter copper. The outer copper foil shield gets a drain wire which permits you to ground the shield if desired. The black jacket of the 7N-4030 had a rubbery feel to it, and the very fragile wording reminded me of some of my NOS vacuum tubes - a touch and that was the end of the print ! I much prefer the new jacket that looks better and should be trouble free.  

To be continued ...

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Black Cat Cable Indigo XLR interconnects


INDIGO XLR Interconnects

  • Zolt├ín Matrix Conductor
  • InterPole Matrix shield
  • Low Density Microporous ePTFE Insulator
  • Nylon Multifilament Jacket
Handcrafted by Chris Sommovigo in his Yoshihama workshop in Yugawara, JAPAN

Indigo RCA Cables:

1.0mpr : $11,499.95 (+ $2,000 per additional 1/2m pair)

Indigo XLR Cables:

1.0mpr : $12,499.95 (+2,000 per additional 1/2m pair)

Indigo Speaker Cables: 

1.5mpr / Standard : $11,499.95 (+ $2,000 per additional 1/2m pair)
1.5mpr / Shotgun : $17,499.95 (+ $2,000 per additional 1/2m pair)
1.5mpr / Shotgun BiWire : $17,499.95 (+ $2,000 per additional 1/2m pair)

Nothing like some tantalizing pictures to get your heart pumping and blood flowing right ? Here are some really nice pictures from Chris Sommovigo of Black Cat Cable.