Monday, April 13, 2015

Tritone AV opens in Adelphi


TriTone AV officially opened it's door recently at The Adelphi. Although TriTone is a new face in the industry, Managing Director, Mr. Mervyn Loh is not - having previously worked at Ong Radio as Chief System Designer. Mervyn was professionally trained in the United States in sound projection and psychoacoustics and with his credentials, he is well placed to design and deliver setups for the discerning consumer.


TriTone has three showrooms which showcase setups in different acoustic environments. I especially liked the front showroom at the main entrance. It's furnishing and layout is similar to the living rooms found in many of the newer apartments in Singapore. A second showroom concentrates on audio, while the largest showroom at the rear features a home theater setup.

The first demonstration at the front showroom involved some movie and concert clips being played through a Kaleidescape media player, Marantz AV receiver and Piega speakers. Mervyn demonstrated the effect of Tritone's proprietary tuning using Audyssey MultiEQ and there was a marked improvement in clarity, impact and sweet spot size. The Audyssey settings are adjusted by TriTone based on their analysis of room modes, frequency response, distance and crossover points. The speakers used are also measured with their own hardware.

The second demonstration was through an audio setup that consisted of a McIntosh CD player, preamp, room correction module and the venerable MC275 (Mk 6) tube power amp. Legacy speakers completed the picture.

To complete the experience, the last showroom is a generously sized home theater featuring a 110 inch front projection system. The acoustically transparent screen is worth a visit alone - delivering a great picture without the dreaded screen door effect.

Products and Services

TriTone is the distributor of Legacy Audio and Theta Digital, and an authorised dealer for McIntosh, Kaleidescape, Accuphase and Piega.

Mervyn spoke enthusiastically about his company's unique approach and their specialised in-house knowledge. TriTone believes in setting up systems that are placed and tuned specifically for the client's acoustic environment and taste.

Besides assembling systems from the brands carried in-house, TriTone is also able to work with other components of their client's choice. For their ultimate in customisation, TriTone also offers a bespoke speaker design and build option. Another unusual service offered is a speaker health-check service that is able to offer detailed measurement of the individual drive units to make sure that your speaker is delivering the goods.

I spent some time speaking to Mervyn and was impressed with his technical knowledge and unique approach. Setup is a critical part of getting an audio system to sound good, and I like TriTone's attention to this aspect. Dealer support varies tremendously in Singapore with the box movers on one end of the spectrum (their buck stops when the carton hits the floor of your home !), and on the other end, specialised dealers that will come personally to help you setup and tune your system. Even then, much of the tuning is done according to their taste rather than yours. In that respect, TriTone's approach stands out from the crowd, with a highly customised approach that also ranks high in aesthetic value. 


Great to see TriTone in the industry and hope to hear more from them in the future. Pay them a visit to learn more about their unique approach and service.

TriTone AV Pte Ltd
No.1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi
# 04-46
Singapore 179803
Operating Hours 
Monday to Saturday, 10:30am to 7:00pm
Sunday, by appointment only.
(65) 6333 9477

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