Sunday, July 5, 2015

Entreq Olympus Ground Box


Entreq of Sweden has been busy over the last few years, with the release of a number of new ground boxes, and add-on devices for existing models too. Please have a look at my earlier post on the Entreq Tellus and Eartha silver cables for more information on how these ground boxes work. 


The Olympus is the new top of the range of Entreq's mini ground boxes. It is physically larger than the previous mini box range, and the 9 kg weight is quite substantial. This box is definitely more midi than mini.

The Olympus has a single silver binding post on the rear and is described by Entreq as being designed to ground preamplifiers and DACs, or as a ground for their cables and AC conditioners. The wooden feet appear to be a new design, and are nice oval wood discs compared to the very basic feet on my Tellus.

Sound Quality

I tried the Olympus is a variety of locations. I first  tried it attached to the grounding post of my Gryphon Diablo integrated amplifier (Entreq recommends their larger models for such applications), but the effect seemed to unbalance the coherency of the system.  I ended up doing most of my listening with the Olympus connected to the ground point of my DAC (in my bedroom system) and preamp (in my main system). Like the Entreq ground boxes I currently own, the Olympus needs to "settle down", with the sound stabilizing over a day or two. I used my Eartha Silver cables to make all necessary connections. 

The effect of the Olympus has some similarities to the Tellus, with an improvement in imaging and soundstaging, and enhanced detail retrieval. However, the similarities end there - the Olympus has a more forceful and dynamic sound, compared to the calmer and more laidback presentation of the Tellus. Bass gains authority, while midrange presence moves up a notch or two. This results in a more energetic and intimate performance, as the staging moves forward a few rows.

Leading edge definition is also increased, together with tonal density and dynamic contrast. This results in a sonic picture with more "pop" and dynamics. If your system is lacking in life and vitality, the Olympus could really be the adrenaline boost needed. On the other hand, if your system needs a calming influence, the Tellus is probably a better bet.

According to other user reports, the choice of grounding cable is also critical. I could not experiment there since I only had the Eartha Silver cables on hand.


The effect of the Olympus (or any ground device for that matter) is system dependent. I got the best results in my bedroom system, with a less potent change in my main system (although the changes were along broadly similar lines). A home trial would be mandatory, to find the the model best suited for your system and taste. 

I have been using Entreq ground boxes in my system for a few years now and highly recommend them. 

This review model was arranged by Mr. D.C. Swee of X-Audio Pte Ltd, the local dealer for Entreq. 

Entreq Olympus
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