Sunday, February 26, 2017

X Audio - Entreq event on 14 January 2017

Frankie Pang, representative of Entreq Asia was in town recently to meet up with Entreq users. Frankie spent an afternoon at X-Audio, the Singapore dealer for Entreq, mingling with both Entreq customers and prospective ones.

I have been using Entreq products for a while now, having owned and used the Minimus and Tellus grounding box (together with Eartha Silver grounding cables) for a few years now. I did a review on the Olympus Ground Box, Tellus and Eartha Silver grounding cables (click here for the Olympus Review, and here for the Tellus / Eartha review).

Frankie shared with me information on some new products, in particular the K2, Everest and Tellus 2.

The K2 and Everest are upgrades available to any Entreq grounding box user - you simply need to replace one or more of the binding posts with either the K2 or Everest. Frankie was confident that the use of either could significantly improve the performance of the ground box in question. He suggested that using one or two pieces should give the most significant gains.

Frankie explained that the K2 uses a basic alloy of metals, while the Everest utilises a more complex composition. According to Entreq, the addition of a K2 or Everest to the Minimus ground box (which has a single binding post), would allow it to outperform a Silver Minimum. 

Moving on to the Tellus II, this is a significant redesign of the original Tellus grounding box, and is in fact three grounding boxes in a single case - a Silver Minimus for the right and left binding posts, and a Silver Minimus and Atlantis Minimum for the centre binding post. Unlike the original Tellus, all three binding posts for the Tellus II are electrically isolated from one another.

I left the event with a K2 and Everest for experimentation. Stay tuned for the results !

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