Monday, January 27, 2020

Mont Audio Cable and Accessories


Mont Audio was founded in Auckland, New Zealand. It follows a familiar story - a group of Audiophiles set out to create their own products, after being dissatisfied with off-the-shelf components. 

Their products are named after famous landmarks in New Zealand. Their tagline ? Pure, Natural, Simple, Elegance - a magnificent piece of New Zealand in every creation. 

I found their products to be reflective of their tagline - natural materials are used where possible, and the packaging is thoughtful to the environment while providing adequate shipping protection - no over-the-top aluminium flight cases or massive wood boxes here. 

A quick look through their website shows a variety of products centered around cabling and accessories, with an amplifier reported to be in the pipeline.

Arapuni PC-1 Audiophile Grade Power Cable

The Arapuni PC-1 is a very natural looking power cord, with laser-engraved Walnut sleeves, and a braided cotton outer cover. Arapuni is the oldest running renewable hydroelectric power station on the Waikato River in the North Island of New Zealand. Mont Audio hopes that the PC-1 will deliver power to your rig as cleanly as it was sourced from the Waikato River.

Both the Live and Neutral cores are made out of 3.298 square mm of 5N purity LC-OFC copper, while the Earth core is made out of 3.463 square mm of the same type of copper. The inner cores are insulated by polyethylene and natural cotton filler. The cable is fully shielded with both Aluminium foil and OFC braid. The conductor size of the PC-1 is close to AWG 12 based on my calculations.

Flexibility is good, and pricing is modest for a cable of this level of construction. Predictably, the PC-1 is all about wholesome goodness, and the sonics are precisely that, coupled with a coherent and balanced presentation. 

The PC-1 avoids giving undue emphasis to any part of the frequency range. As a result, Audiophiles looking for sonic fireworks or tone controls are unlikely to be pleased. Tonally, you could say that the PC-1 is neutral with a slight tilt towards warmth. Compared to the best of breed, the PC-1 trades off some bass power, high-frequency extension and fine resolution. In view of it's price range, this is to be expected. 

Notwithstanding the shortcomings mentioned, this is a cable that has has a beguiling sense of flow and naturalness. You could listen for hours on end without feeling fatigued nor bored. As an interesting counterpoint to this presentation, the PH-1 is a very different kettle of fish. 

Arapuni PH-1 Premium Ultra Silver Hybrid Audiophile Grade Power Cable

To be continued ...

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