Monday, February 25, 2019

Furutech DSS 4.1 Speaker Bulk Cable


Furutech's newly released DSS 4.1 speaker bulk cable is probably the most high-end bulk speaker cable available on the market at this point of time. This model uses a combination of DUCC Ultra Crystallized High Purity Copper (from Mitsubishi Materials Industries) and Alpha-OCC conductors (from Furutech).

Cable geometry is interesting - each conductor bundle consists of a nano crystal formula core (NCF is a proprietary formula developed by Furutech that generates negative ions to eliminate static, and converts thermal energy into far infrared), surrounded with three concentric layers of copper arranged in counter-cyclical windings. The inner and middle layers utilise OCC conductors, while the last layer consists of DUCC conductors. The resultant cable is a heavy and thick cable that is 19 mm in diameter with 11 AWG conductors. The cable is double shielded with foil and copper braid, and finished with a tasteful fabric cover. A diagram of the geometry can be found at Furutech's website

Optional high quality metal cable splitters can be purchased from Furutech to give these cables a finished look that would look the part in any setup. My sample cable was terminated in Furutech gold plated banana plugs by the local distributor for Furutech - Project Perfection.

Good and well-behaved snake !
I spoke nicely to this snake. It sat tamely on the floor, with reasonable bend radius. However, it's weight will cause some problems with light bookshelf speakers or amplifiers - be forewarned !

Sound Quality

As I sat down to listen to my system, the snake quietly made it's way over to my listening chair and tightly coiled itself around me. It had an iron grip on bass notes and an authority that really caught your attention. There was also some emphasis on the midbass, which gave the DSS a powerful yet full and wet bass quality.

Midrange had a similarly warm tone with deep staging and a smooth liquid quality. Voices had a subtly full rendition with very little trace of sibilance. You could argue that a bit of inner detail is traded-off here for flattery, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

High frequencies were another strong point of the DSS. Detail was reproduced in a clean and extended manner, with plenty of air and shimmer with very tight control over transients - no splash or mess here. Coupled with the outstanding low frequency performance, this was one of those rare cables that did both frequency extremes well with no compromise between the two.

I also liked the the very low noise floor of this cable. Low level details were reproduced with great expressiveness and an absence of grain. Placement of instruments and voices were also outstanding with very precise layering both laterally and depth wise, and very good space around instruments. 

Compared against the competition, the DSS acquitted itself well - in fact, it could run with the best. I felt that with the exception of midrange performance (which I view more as an artistic choice), the DSS could be considered as best in class. Given that the DSS does not carry an exorbitant price tag, you have an absolute winner !


Consider me suitably impressed. Do give it a try - you will not be disappointed ! - Highly Recommended

Furutech DSS 4.1 Speaker Bulk Cable
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