Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Telos Macro Q


The Macro Q is a new device from Telos Audio Design to treat noise on your computer, NAS or streamer. Plug it in to any USB port and you are good to go. A special mention needs to be devoted to how well made this device is - the finish is absolutely gorgeous !

Looking very much like a small scale replica of it's larger relatives, the Macro Q is actually compact and light enough to be hanging from the USB port of your device of choice without any additional support.

However, a special cable (note the large gauge of the cable) is also provided to allow the Macro Q to be placed in tight situations. Operation is straightforward - plug it into any spare USB port and you are good to go. If all is well, you will be greeted by a light show from the unit. This is not a pass-through device (like the Audioquest Jitterbug), so you do need to have a spare port. 

Deployment is limited only by your imagination. Some users have taken to using the Macro Q on their network routers, AV setups or even in their cars to improve their stereo systems. Other claims of improved torque and BHP are unverified !

Sound Quality

The best description of the Macro Q’s effect is that it is a contrast and focus enhancement tool (to borrow a photography analogy). You get an immediate improvement in clarity across the audio band, with greater impact on the bass, and more extended highs. You can further tune the sound by experimenting with placement and support. Plugged into my Melco NAS, I found the additional clarity and high frequency energy to tip my system balance into brightness. The pig tail added some extra body and smoothness that suited my taste more. I also found that leaving the Macro Q dangling (whether from the pig tail or from the USB port) to impact the sound negatively, added a subtle smear to the sound. Adding a squishy footer to support the body of the Macro Q, or placing it on a wooden block improved things noticeably. With some ingenuity, I’m sure you could fashion some support out of children’s building blocks or the like.


This flexibility in tuning should help the Macro Q fit in a wide variety of systems. The efficacy of the Macro Q surprised me, given that the Melco is an audiophile grade NAS with great attention paid to minimising noise on both it’s network and USB ports. The Macro Q is well worth trying for anyone that is using computer audio as a source. 

I may also try the Macro Q on my Synology NAS, and my SoTM SMS-200 Ultra streamer - do check back for updates. 

The Macro Q is available at Audio Basic, local distributor for Telos Audio products.

Macro Q - S$ 360

Audio Basic
1 Coleman Street
#02-12, The Adelphi
Singapore 179803
Tel : 6338 3245