Thursday, March 1, 2018

Press Release - Black Cat Releases Banana-To-Spade Adapters

Yugawara-machi, Japan - February 28, 2018 - Under their connector sub-brand "XOX", Black Cat Cable has released two levels of Banana-to-Spade adapters in order to convert banana-terminated loudspeaker cables for use with a variety of binding posts that do not otherwise allow for use with banana terminations.

The XOX REFERENCE Precision Adapter is precision machined from pure copper, high-polished, and Rhodium plated. A set of four pieces retails for $224.95

The XOX STUDIO Precision Adapter is precision machined from nonmagnetic brass, high polished, and Gold plated. A set of four pieces retails for $79.95

These are immediately available directly from select Black Cat Cable partners and also through the website.

High Fidelity Partners Co., LTD. is a Japanese corporation specializing in product development and marketing of products and services for the Audiophile segment of the Consumer Electronics market. Located in the Yoshihama section of Yugawara city, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan, the company is engaged in the artisanal manufacture of goods and is known for its amazing awesomeness and peerless coolosity. 

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