Friday, March 9, 2018

Press Release - Black Cat Releases Lupino

Yugawara-machi, Japan - March 8, 2018 - Black Cat Cable introduces LUPINO - a word which means “Little Wolf” in Italian - as a trickled-down and more affordable version of their immensely popular “Lupo” interconnect.

“Mama” Lupo is made from 2 x 99.999% pure, annealed silver conductors in a ca: 0.25” dia air-teflon tube, and is terminated with Lovecraft Reference RCAs - but “LUPINO” is surely a mama’s boy, using a single 99.999% pure, annealed silver conductor in a ca: 0.15” dia air-teflon tube, and is terminated to Lovecraft MINI RCAs. 

While both sets of conductors - Lupo and Lupino - are “nami” (wave) processed, the Lupino conductor has a much shallower wave form owing to the fact that it has to fit inside a smaller diameter tube.

Despite the differences in build, Lupino retains much of Mama Lupo’s family performance characteristics at just around 1/2 of Lupo’s price: 1.0mpr of Lupino retails for only $399.95 (and is also available in 0.5m sets for just $274.95/set).

High Fidelity Partners Co., LTD. is a Japanese corporation specializing in product development and marketing of products and services for the Audiophile segment of the Consumer Electronics market. Located in the Yoshihama section of Yugawara city, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan, the company is engaged in the artisanal manufacture of goods and is known for its amazing awesomeness and peerless coolosity. 

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