Sunday, May 27, 2012

Acrolink 7N-S1000III and 7N-S1400III Speaker Cable


The Acrolink 7N-S1000III and 7N S-1400III are part of Acrolink's new line up of cables for 2011, and also an introduction of 7N purity copper into their lower range of cabling.

Utilising similar geometry to their predecessors, the S-1000 / S-1400 have two widely spaced conductors in a flat shaped dielectric. Looking at the design, this will most likely result in fairly high inductance but very low capacitance.

The main difference between the S-1000 and S-1400 is conductor gauge, the S-1400 having more than double the number of strands of copper in each conductor leg.

S-1000III - Picture from official website

S-1400III - Picture from official website

Sound Quality

Acrolink users are unlikely to encounter any surprises here. Great midrange, with excellent high frequency extension and control, with emphasis on the "air" around instruments and the sense of acoustic space.

The S-1000III subjectively sounds faster than the S-1400III. The latter has a harmonically rich mid-bass and fuller human voice. Image sizes are also larger compared to the S-1000III which is more pin point. On female vocals in particular, sibilance is well handled by the S-1400III, which has a smoothness that tends to reduce sibilance.

In terms of setup, the S-1000III is easier to match partnering equipment in most setups. Care is needed with the S-1400III to avoid a loss of speed and excessive mid-bass.

I never had the 6N S-1000II in my setup, but based on the S-1400, the change from 6N to 7N conductors brings about improvement in micro detail, high frequency extension and control. Otherwise, the cables are more an evolution than a revolution in character.


A word of warning on termination. I bought the S-1400III pre-owned. The previous owner had terminated it in gold banana plugs (the manufacturer of which shall remain un-named). I thought that the cable sounded rythmically slow and overly warm. High frequency detail and extension were also obscured compared to the S-1000III and even my old set of 6N S-1400II.

Re-terminating the connections with Oyaide spade (SPSL) and banana plugs (SRBN) brought speed and clarity back to the cable. The SPSL spades are made of brass, and plated with silver, followed by platinum. The SRBN are also made of brass, but plated with silver, followed by rhodium.

The only other experience I had with dramatic differences in termination, was with the Mogami 2803, which greatly favoured Eichmann Bullet Plugs over other quality terminations like the Neutrik Pro-Fi.

So folks, please pay attention to your terminations for this cable.


The 7N series is a great upgrade for existing users of the older 6N series. If you are new to the Acrolink line, a trial before purchase is warranted as the balance and character may not be for everyone.

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