Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bybee Quantum Signal Enhancer


Jack Bybee is no stranger to the world of hi-fi tweaking, and for that matter - controversy. The Quantum Signal Enhancer ("QSE") is different from his Slipstream Quantum Purifiers. The latter is used as in the signal / power chain, while the former can be used simply by proximity.


The QSE is a small device, looking like an acrylic board with it's underside lined with felt. It measures at 4 x 6 inches, and is just a 1/4 inch thick. The board has crystals embedded in it, and the device is claimed to reduce noise and hash.

The QSE can be placed under, or any cable that is carrying power or signal. It can also be placed on top of, or under your components. Cumulative use is possible, but I was only passed one piece to evaluate.


I tried placing the QSE in the various places suggested, including on top of components, over interconnects, and over AC plugs and AC cables. I noticed that the changes in sound take a while to settle, and the best effect was heard after leaving the QSE in place overnight.

The effect can be overwhelming - it did not like being on top of my DAC, placed directly over the power transformer. It did not seem to have much effect sitting in between my power cords plugged into my Acoustic Revive RTP-6 power distributor. No surprise there - the RTP-6 is already chock full of crystals. After some experimentation, the optimal place for the QSE in my system was on top of the power cord - just before entry into the component.

Sound Quality

The most striking effect of the QSE is on the midrange. Vocals are smoothened, and the tonal quality takes on a warmer and more analog like quality. From a staging perspective, the singer moves back a few rows. Bass lines are fuller and wetter, trading off some impact and tightness for bloom. High frequencies lose some aggression in favour of a gentler presentation. On violin pieces, there is less bite in favour of a sweeter and fuller tone.

How effective this works for you depends on your system and desired tonal balance. If you like a very focussed, incisive and more analytical presentation - probably not. If you find your system bright, dry and harsh - this is a god-send, and all for a very modest price. It takes the edge of aggressive recordings and gives the system a more organic presentation.


This is an interesting product that is far more potent than suggested by its small size and modest price tag. Used with a bit of careful thought, this could be a really useful weapon in your arsenal of tweaks.

The review sample was supplied by Mr. K.M. Poon of Horizon Acoustics.

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USD 119 per piece. Please contact Horizon Acoustics for local pricing in Singapore.

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