Friday, September 22, 2017

Acrolink 7N-PC4030 Anniversario


Here is a special edition of the ever popular Acrolink 7N-4030 power cable. This has been one of my favourite cables over the years. You may want to have a look at my earlier posts on the 6N-4030 and the 7N-4030II.


The Anniversario is available both in factory terminated version (the Anniversario CB) and off-the-reel. A smaller gauge version is also available in the form of the 7N-PC4020 Anniversario.

The Anniversario continues to use 7N DUCC copper conductors. However,  this model uses larger diameter copper strands but with less strand count compared to the it's predecessor (50 strands of 0.37 mm diameter copper vs. 100 strands of 0.26 mm diameter). The outer copper foil shield gets a drain wire which permits you to ground the shield if desired. 

The black jacket of the 7N-4030II had a rubbery feel to it, and the very fragile wording reminded me of some of my NOS vacuum tubes - a touch and that was the end of the print ! I much prefer the new jacket that looks better and should be trouble free. According to Acrolink's website, the Anniversario uses a UV resistant urethane jacket.  

I purchased my Anniversario off-the-reel and terminated it with Oyaide P/C 004 plugs, which use Platinum and Palladium plate over Beryllium Copper alloy blades. I consider these plugs to be extremely resolving and very neutral. I left my handiwork to burn-in over a couple of weeks before doing any serious listening.

Sound Quality

Owners of the 6N-4030 would be in for a rude shock while 7N-4030II owners would probably consider the Anniversario to be an evolution rather than revolution. Tonally, the Anniversario is close to neutral, stripping the excess fat of the 6N-4030. Those hoping for the mid-bass bloom and the extended decay of the previous generation models will be disappointed. This is a lean mean fighting machine - think of those sinewy lightning fast mixed martial arts exponents and you get the idea.

In no way though is the Anniversario hard sounding or harsh. Midrange remains grain-free and slightly laidback, while both low and high frequencies are well controlled and extended. However, the bass quality of the Anniversario is quite different, with a drier, tauter character. Thankfully, extension and articulation still remains top-notch. I found the midrange to have a subtly softer quality with more expressiveness (very much like a lesser form of the Mexcel 6700 power cord). Similarly, high frequencies have less "push" compared to the previous model, with less of a leading edge, and shorter decays. 

The eagle-eyed may have noticed from Acrolink's website that the Anniversario and the Mexcel 6700 use similar conductors. The differentiating qualities between the two are added precision and a lower noise floor in favour of the Mexcel. The Anniversario places instruments and voices around the soundstage in a slightly more diffuse manner. 

The Mexcel remains by far the better cable, but with a much higher price tag. I appreciate that Acrolink has offered a really nice alternative to audiophiles who may not have the ability to afford the Mexcel range, or the desire to spend that much money on cabling. 


We have another winner here (the only loser being your wallet) ! The Anniversario gets an easy recommendation and in view of it's modest price - a Best Buy

I would like to thank X-Audio, the local dealer for Acrolink for arranging for this review.

Acrolink 7N-PC4030 Anniversario Power Cord
Price : S$ 600 - 1.5 m (Factory terminated)
Price : S$ 175 / m (off-the-reel)
X Audio Pte Ltd
Bukit Timah Plaza. 
1 Jalan Anak Bukit, #01-01S
Singapore 588996
6466 2642 

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